Friday, 28 January 2011

4A Zombies

Zombies, from 4A Miniatures. These are great to paint up, nice big chunky mini's that you can slap paint on, add a few washes, a few highlights and you are done. The detail is minimal enough to paint up quickly but are a few steps up the quality ladder than the normal filler mini's for zombie hoardes. Well worth picking up.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lilith Hesperax

This is from Games Workshop, I went in to pick up some paint and bought this on a whim. A very good sculpt, probably the best I've seen out of there recent ranges (well from early 1990's)

Painted up like the stock image from GW to sell later down the line when I have finished off the plastic squad I also got at the same time.

Hasslefree Pilot

Picked this up while purchasing the "Goatboy", thought i might as well buy more than the one mini to make postage more palatable.

Lovely sculpt, and quick and easy to paint up, based on a Fenris Sulaco base. The Dog type creature comes with the mini but the oil can is from a 1/35 tamiya set.

Oh the Horror

Picked these up off Ebay, sculpted by Kev Adams and now out of production, they seem to rarely crop up.

Used them as practice to blend different colours together