Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fantasy Zoat

This one took me back a way, I've no idea where the one I originally had about 20 years ago went to. Really enjoyed painting it up, wonder if I'll be saying that after the next 13 of them 8). Only place to ge tthem now is ebay and they go for a small fortune, saying that, you can spend on average £20 on on of these or one of those new citadel shitecast mini's. No brainer really

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New White Knight Dwarves

These are great Marauder Proxies, ideal for bulking up that old OOP army with something that fits. They paint up quickly and easily with little in the way of extra detail that bogs the painting down. These are after all Rank and Filers. The bases need completing. I'll be getting a few more units and trying out different schemes. Very reasonable prioce, fast delivery and the range will be expanding, see the White Knight blog link on the left for more info.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Red Box Games Svjanna the Sinister

One I painted up a while back now. Fantastic mini, there is a lot of detail packed into this range and well worth splashing out for. I went for my normal deathly pallour as I think this works well as a Vampire/Dark Elf type.

Really easy to paint up too but I still need to add some foliage to the base.

I will be getting a few more from this range eventually.

Link to the webstore is on the left hand side