Monday, 17 August 2009

More Cryx

Some more Warmachine Cryx for a Necromantic Bloodbowl Team. I enjoyed painting these ones up. The whole team was packaged up and sent to France.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Warmachine Cryx

This was a very intersting miniature to paint up, not something I would have bought myself just by looking at the bare metal.

It was a commission piece for somebody's bloodbowl medic for a necromantic team. I enjoyed painting up the rust which was a mix of drybrushing and washes.

Drybrushed PP Battlefield Brown - GW Snakebit Leather - GW foundation Orange - GW Silver. Then when dry a black wash and an orange wash. Highlighted bits silver again and a pin wash of black where needed. It gives a nice rust colour and the rough drybrshing gives it the texture of rust too.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"Scale Creep" through the years

Goblins on pogo sticks.
The one on the right (green and yellow) is a commission piece and the other is my own. GW Goblins appear to be more Orc size now than they were about 10 years ago

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Quick photo of a Bloodbowl team I am painting up for myself. Its going to be a random mix of old mini's. Favourite here is the Troll at the back. Picked up most of these about 15 years ago but the odd one or two are via ebay.

Rackham Dwarf --> Bloodbowl

I was initially a bit confused when a customer sent me half a dozen Rackham Dwarves to paint up as his Bloodbowl Team. They are much bigger than standard 28mm dwarves but these were good fun to paint. Particularly the faces which are very expressive. They took quite a while to do due to the detailing on the armour. The yellow colour was quite problematic, eventually I went for painting in a pale yellow/brown colour and then added a wash of thinned yellow paint over the top once all the shading and highlighting had been done. These are out of production now, I believe, as Rackham is concentrating on plastic products instead of good old metal.

Golgo Island Renato Ramirez

I bought and painted this mini up some while ago. It is a Tom Meier sculpt and initially I thought that the detail he puts into his sculpts would be quite difficult to paint. On the contrary, this took me no time at all. The sculpt practically paints itself. The spent shotgun shells are made from rolled milliput.
OK, its a bizarre miniature but it is quite endearing, I mean, who doesn't want an angry Hitler in a Tutu 8)
Can be purchased using the link below. Which reminds me I need to buy the Alpha Zorgl at some point as well.